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The Gates of Time - The new eBook from Jimmy Hotz is now available!

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The gates of Time by Jimmy Hotz - Kindle Edition


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The Gates of Time - by Jimmy Hotz - Nook Edition


For all who have wanted to know more of what lies beyond what we call death, the Gates of Time offers a stunning glimpse into the world of the spirit and the amazing adventures that await.

For all who have ever looked up into the night sky with wonder, a reality larger than you might have ever imagined is revealed.

Time, Space and even Eternity may very well have new meaning for you after reading The Gates of Time.

Whether you are a seeker of Divine truths or just someone wanting to experience an amazing adventure unlike any you have been on before, the Gates of Time will awaken new wonder and awe within your spirit.

The Gates of Time is the first in a series of books that reveals the world of the spirit and the truly vast scope and beauty of physical creation in a new, fresh and infinitely connected way.


Excerpt from the Gates of Time:


A brilliant flash of dazzling white light suddenly appeared to the left of his vision and Helios focused his thought toward it. Instantly, a giant rush flowed through his entire being as he attuned himself to the slightly modulated fabric of time and space, now clearly visible before him.

His entire craft responded as though it were an extension of himself. The myriad of smaller spirits, which are a part of his vessel, also experienced a tremendous rush as the positive exhilaration of Helios cascaded out like a shockwave. Life flooded their beings, as each did their part in fulfillment of God’s plan. Their craft is an old star and Helios has been its captain since it was created. His life is bound to the star and its life to him.

Although he now steers toward the certain destruction of his craft, no fear clouds his purpose. He is in perfect attunement with God’s plan and his unerring faith tells him that beyond what appears to be the end, there is a new and greater beginning...